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Heart Web Solutions Terms and Conditions​

Thank you for working with Heart Web Solutions (HWS). Please read through these Terms and Conditions as they include important information about our services.

Hosting Terms of Service

How much will I be charged?

The cost of your hosting service and the associated plan will be agreed with you before the service commences.


HWS follows industry standard practice for hosting services and invoice annually or monthly and in advance. All hosting services must be paid annually or monthly and by subscription that will renew automatically. Subscriptions can be paid by Credit or Debit Card. You will be issued an invoice by email at least one week before your hosting plan is due for renewal.

Late or Non-payment of hosting fees

If your hosting fees are not paid by the due date, HWS will try to contact you, issue a reminder email and extend a 30 day grace period during which time the fees must be paid to maintain service.
Should the fees still be unpaid at the end of the 30 day grace period, your hosting service will be suspended and any websites or email accounts will no longer be accessible by you or your customers.

Once suspended, HWS will retain an archive of your website for a further 30 days. The hosting service and any associated websites can be restored to service by full payment of the outstanding fees plus an additional reinstatement fee of £100.00.

If, after the grace period and suspension period (a total of 60 days) the fees have not been paid, then the hosting archive will be deleted and the contents of the hosting data, including any websites and email account will no longer be recoverable. Your domain name will also expire on its renewal date and will be deleted 60 days following it’s renewal date. After deletion, it will be available for others to register.

Cancelling your Hosting Services

You can cancel the hosting services at any point by contacting HWS by email. The hosting fees for yearly subscriptions will be refunded on a pro-rata basis for any remaining full months on the contract. e.g. If you are half way through month 10 of the contract, you would be refunded for the remaining 2 calendar months of unused service. If you are in month 1 of the yearly contract, you would receive a refund for 11 months service fees.

A monthly hosting fee is defined as the annual hosting fee (excluding any additional services or products) divided by 12.
If you are on a monthly hosting subscription plan, then your hosting plan will remain active for the remainder of the month in which you cancel it, after which it will be terminated. No refund will be applicable.

Annual Domain registration fees are non-refundable as the registration authorities do not provide refunds.

If you are transferring your website to another hosting provider, your hosting contract is deemed to end on the day that all website data and domains are successfully transferred from HWS servers to the new hosting provider.

Transfer of hosting data to another hosting provider

If you wish to transfer your hosting data (websites, email data, etc) to another hosting provider, then HWS will cooperate with you and your new provider to facilitate a smooth transfer.

In most cases, this requires little work on the part of HWS. However, HWS reserves the right to charge a fee if the transfer process requires a significant amount of work on my part.

Domain Registrations

HWS can register domains on behalf of their customers. Domain registrations are invoiced annually, in advance, and will be invoiced annually and by subscription at the same time as the hosting plan is renewed regardless of the renewal date of the domain.

Domain registration fees are non-refundable as the registration authorities do not provide refunds.

Hosting plan resources

The hosting plan implemented for your website will be sized appropriately for your current business and website needs. Hosting plan resources include network bandwidth, disk space, memory and CPU time as well as many other hosting plan variables (contact us for a full list).

Temporary and short term over use of resources will not usually cause an issue, but if the over use continues we will contact you to discuss the situation. If your website changes and continues to use more resources than are available on your plan, then you will be asked to upgrade.

Our systems automatically monitor resource usage by our hosting clients and you will be contacted if we detect any issues.

Special Offers

6 Months Free Hosting
This offer is only available to clients transferring from certain other hosting providers. In this offer, HWS will provide the first six months of hosting for free. The six calendar month period starts immediately after your previous hosting provider service contract ends. You first invoice to HWS will be due on the last day of the 6 month period. This offer cannot be delayed or transferred in any way.

Free SSL Certificate
HWS offers a free SSL certificate included in your website hosting plan. The certificate is provided by the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority (see https://letsencrypt.org/about/ ).

If HWS is provisioning your website, the website will be created so it can be accessed using secure browsing (over https) and will use this certificate for your website.

If your website is being transferred to HWS hosting and it already uses https/secure browsing, then we will replace your existing certificate with this free certificate unless you specify otherwise. If your website does not currently use https/secure browsing, then I will not convert the site to use secure browsing. If you would like to make your site more secure, then we can do the work to apply the certificate and make your website secure for a fee which will be website dependant.

Acceptable Use

HWS hosting services are provided by GreenGeeks LLC ( https://www.greengeeks.com/ ). As such both HWS and you are subject to the GreenGeeks Acceptable Use Policy.

HWS recommends that you examine the full GreenGeeks Acceptable Use Policy here: Acceptable Use Policy.

Zero Tolerance Spam Policy
Any user account which causes or results in our IP space being blacklisted will be immediately suspended and/or terminated.

Malware Clean-up

HWS hosting accounts are actively scanned for malware infections to protect your websites and those of our other customers.

If Malware is found:

  • we will disable your website so it will not be accessible by the malware authors.
  • we will notify you and provide you with options for restoring clean backups of your site.
  • We will provide advice on how to avoid future infections.

We include the cleaning (by restoring clean backups) of 2 infections per year (resetting on the anniversary of your hosting plan).

If you have more than 2 infections per year (unlikely for a properly updated and secured site), OR you need us to clean the infection manually (without restoring a clean backup), we will charge you a minimum of £50.  We may charge more at out discretion if complex infection cleaning is required and this will be charged at our current hourly rate (below).

Note that manual cleaning cannot guarantee the removal of complex malware and may require us to disable certain plugins or themes on your site if they cannot be updated.  Premium (paid for) plugins that cannot be updated may also need to be disabled and it is then your responsibility to update them.  It is your sole responsibility to remedy any effect this may have on the behaviour or functioning of your website.

Our hosting provider allows 1 free backup restore per calendar month.  If you have multiple infections in 1 calendar month then you will be charged £30 per extra backup restore in the month.

Please note that charges do not apply for HWS managed WordPress sites.

Website Updates

I can update content on your website for you.  That might be changing text, adding images or adding a new page for a new service.

I charge on a ‘Time and Materials’ basis for website updates.  My hourly rate for this service is £35 p/h with a minimum charge of £35.

I will give you an estimated cost before performing the changes, which will include any additional software licenses that might be required.  However, especially for sites I have not created, it may take a little longer due to unforeseen technical issues.  If this happens and it significantly changes the estimate I will contact you to discuss.

For larger pieces of work, e.g. adding an online shop or membership features to your site, I can quote on a project basis.

For website updates, I issue an invoice at the end of the month for all work done during that calendar month.

Updates to these Terms and Conditions

HWS reserve the right to update these Terms and Conditions when needed. You can check for updates on our website or by requesting a copy of the Terms and Conditions by email at colin@heartwebsolutions.co.uk

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Last Updated: 1st March 2024